The Orwellian Reality

The Answer to 1984.. is 1776

Noah Burger

Soon, modern civilization, and therefore the institution of law enforcement, will become indistinguishable from the likes of “Oceania”, the futuristic, totalitarian utopia illustrated by world-renowned author, George Orwell. In fact, modern society already reflects most of Orwell’s prophecy. In 1984, a totalitarian world-government uses advanced technology to conduct mass surveillance, distribute propaganda, and monitor, react to, and even predict the thoughts and actions of citizens. There is no privacy or due process, describing a world totally aligned with the crime control model, and legal definitions of crime are expanded to include words, thoughts, and dissidence. False-flag terroristic “enemies of the state” are created by the world government, to influence the population to support widespread surveillance and diminished social freedom, via immense fear mongering. Information is greatly manipulated, censored, or destroyed, to control public thought, perception, and action, maintaining public dominance. This paper will explain how modern civilization already mirrors this dystopian reality, and how advancements in technology will accelerate the fall of freedom.

            When examining current events, or hypothesizing about the future, it is important to examine precedents. Operation Northwoods was false-flag operation proposed to President John F Kennedy in 1962 by the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, and Joint Chiefs of Staff. The plans involved carrying out terrorist attacks on United States military and civilian targets, such as “civilian airliners” or “blowing up a U.S. ship in Cuban waters and then blaming the incident on Cuban sabotage”, (National Security Archive, 2001). While John F Kennedy did prevent Operation Northwoods from being carried out, he was promptly assassinated just a few months later (JFK Library, n.d.). According to declassified National Security Agency documents, the United States Government swiftly carried out a similar false-flag attack, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, blowing up a U.S. ship in Vietnamese waters and then blaming the incident on Vietnamese sabotage, less than one year after Kennedy’s assassination (National Security Archive, 2005). Undoubtedly, Kennedy would have vetoed the Gulf of Tonkin operation had he not been assassinated (Galbraith, 2003). Such gross planning and carrying out of false-flag attacks, involving deaths of United States Citizens and/or deception of United States Citizens, reveal that modern society does not differentiate much from Orwell’s “Oceania”.

On September 10th, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld admitted to Congress that “2.3 trillion dollars was missing from the Defense Department budget” and, understandably, there were public calls to audit the Department of Defense (Unruh & Associated Press, 2016). The next day – September 11th – the Twin Towers fell. A third tower, World Trade Center 7, imploded as well, yet had not been hit by a plane. Conveniently, World Trade Center 7 housed secret offices of the CIA, as well as “offices of Department of Defense, and the Internal Revenue Service” (Daily Mail, 2011). The 9/11 attacks received non-stop news coverage, however, World Trade Center 7 had essentially been whitewashed from the coverage. Most importantly, the proposed Congressional Audit of the Department of Defense had been postponed – indefinitely. The attention of the American People, and therefore Congress, had deliberately been shifted toward terrorism, and thirst for war. If one were to replace “Cuban” and “Miami” pronouns detailed in proposed CIA operation, Operation Northwoods, one would find that the 9/11 attacks were, by every plausible and imaginal scope of reality, the realization of CIA proposed operation, Operation Northwoods (National Security Archive, 2001). In the years since, mass media has been used, in perpetuity, to further influence public thought, perception, and action, the precedent for which was established during Operation Mockingbird (Szoldra, 2015).

Propaganda played a major role in the proposed implementation of Operation Northwoods, as well as in the successful implementation of declassified false-flag Gulf of Tonkin incident, and the highly-likely-false-flag 9/11 attacks. In every event, the media was used to influence public thought and perception by creating fear and persuade government into going to war. The precedent for such gross implementation of propaganda was set within Operation Mockingbird, wherein the Central Intelligence Agency admittedly “recruited top American journalists to spread propaganda in the media and gather intelligence” (Szoldra, 2015). Such gross implementation of propaganda, especially in accordance with false-flag events, reveals that modern society does not differentiate much from Orwell’s “Oceania”.

Whether or not 9/11 is believed to have been appeased, stimulated, and/or carried out by friendly agencies, no one can deny that the public perception of 9/11 was capitalized on by friendly agencies seeking to expand social control through mass surveillance and due process exceptions, via the Patriot Act (Hunter, 2018). According the Patriot Act, and its subsequent troth of addendum provided by the various NDAA acts throughout the Bush and Obama administrations, the United States Government are allowed to record and store every single piece of data worldwide – including that of American Citizens – but are not allowed to view the data of American Citizens unless they have reasonable suspicion to believe certain individuals are deemed enemies of the state. In the modern day, everything about life is packaged, in some form or another, into data. If you carry a cellular device, or use the internet, every step you take, everything you do, is recorded, stored, and analyzed (Zebra, 2018). Under the Obama Administration, it was established that the data of American Citizens does not hold any constitutional protections, by way of “international back-doors” (Kim, Perlin, & Lee, 2017). Summarized, since the government was already allowed to access data of non-citizens at will and were able to access the data of US Citizens under reasonable suspicion, then the government would should be allowed to access the data of US Citizens if there is reason to believe that they have, at any point in time, associated with international individuals or groups under investigation. This was affirmed by the illegal wiretapping, or data-accessing, of the Trump Presidential Campaign, Donald J. Trump, his family members, and his associates.

As depth of technology continues to expand via Internet of Things, the ability for private, public, or government possessors of metadata to know and predict the thoughts and actions of individuals will increase exponentially. And, as citizens continue to be persuaded into trading liberties for safeties, constitutional protections to our thoughts and actions will disintegrate. Going further, as the definition of “enemy of the state” continues to lean closer towards “dissident” than “terrorist”, our constitutional rights to free speech, due process, and privacy will become more and more nonexistent. In this Orwellian future, data will be increasingly implemented as a Law Enforcement Technology, able to rapidly identify, predict, and or analyze crime. Legal definitions for “crimes of conspiracy” will be expanded to include thoughts, or, as Orwell puts it, “thought crimes” (Jenkins, 2017). This “future” is as near as tomorrow morning. The Chinese government, with the help of American corporations, plans to implement a “Social Credit Score” system, wherein everyday data is used to evaluate citizens, updating their “Social Credit Score” in real time, by 2020 (Ma, 2018). The “Social Credit Score” system will analyze the behavior, by way of data, ranking its citizens. Scores will have direct impacts on the ability of citizens to pursue education, find employment, purchase houses, or even form romantic relationships. Employed as a Law Enforcement Technology, the “Social Credit Score” system will be a realization of George Orwell’s “Thought Police”.

Historical international precedents for American false-flag events, subsequent mass-media propaganda schemes, and ultimate removal of citizens’ rights in accordance with goals of social control, were most notably set by Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The Reichstag Fire was used to enact the Reichstag Fire Decree, wherein German Citizens were forced to surrender all rights to privacy and due process (United States Holocaust Museum, n.d.). In the Gleiwitz incident, the Nazi’s orchestrated attacks on German infrastructure housed within Poland, “designed to persuade the international community that Germany was the victim of Polish aggression” (Pope, 2018). Also, the Nazi’s Minister of Propaganda “controlled the media and arts, making sure that German Citizens were fed Nazi ideology, while censoring other information”, (BBC, n.d.). The Reichstag Fire Decree, Gleiwitz incident, and Nazi Propaganda schemes draw distinct parallels to the Patriot Act, false-flag events, and propaganda tacticts found in the United States. Based on historical analysis of current events, modern society is undoubtedly progressing toward dystopian reality.

Our Founding Fathers warned that the Rights affirmed by the United States Constitution must never be infringed, otherwise, the integrity of the most-free, most prosperous society of time is jeopardized. In the 21st Century, events, many of them false-flags, combined with intense distribution of propaganda, have been used to systematically break down our constitutional rights, especially in the realm of data and technology. As quickly as technology continues to explode, and data continues to be ever woben into the fabrics private, public, and social life via Internet of Things, and national systems of “Social Credit Scores” are implemented, society will become more and more indistinguishable from the totalitarian dystopia described in George Orwell’s 1984.

Wake Up America, Or We Will Lose Everything.


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